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Personal Injury

Get The Right Compensation For Any Personal Injuries.

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When you are involved in an accident or suffer a severe injury, insurance claims are the last thing on your mind. Let us take the hassle out of it and leave it to the professionals at the Law Office of Vladimir Tamayeff. After all, lawyers are like health insurance. Hopefully, you do not need to use it, but when you need it, it is an absolute.

Sometimes, insurance companies are simply determined to undermine your claims. Other times, the legal process for obtaining reasonable compensation is just so complicated that you are not in a position to successfully handle it by yourself. Insurance companies take advantage of you at the most vulnerable time-right after an accident. So, let our professionals at the Law Office Of Vladimir Tamayeff take care of it while you focus on your wellbeing.

If you’re facing any of the following situations, we can help you!

  • Injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident – Your compensation will reflect the severity of your injuries which in part is based on the kind of injury you’ve experienced, the cost of your medical bills, duration of your treatment, the likelihood of full recovery, and so much more. If this compensation is significant enough, it’s worth hiring a personal injury lawyer who can make sure you get every cent you’re entitled to.
  • Disabling Injuries – If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered disabling injuries that will have an impact on your abilities for a year or more, it’s a complex process to establish what this kind of injury entitles you to. This is where a personal injury lawyer is fully equipped to navigate the intricate and vague territory of insurance companies to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.
  • Medical Malpractice – Many people have suffered an injury or severe illness thanks to health professionals' careless and negligence actions. These include nurses, doctors, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, or any other medical provider. And when the medical and legal realms make contact, the entire process becomes infinitely more perplexing and difficult to manage. This is when you will definitely need a personal injury lawyer who has experience in medical malpractice cases.
  • Toxic Contamination – People often become ill when exposed to toxic materials in the air, water, soil, products, or food. These kinds of claims demand a lot of scientific backing to be successful – which is why you’ll need a professional such as firm to represent you in this process.
  • Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay – Some insurance companies just won’t pay, no matter how minor or major your injuries and medical bills are. If you’re unlucky enough to be battling an insurance company or government entity like this, your best option is us and face them armed and ready.

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