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Protect Your Interests As A Landlord Or Tenant

Hire A Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

When it comes to the landlord/tenant relationship, one always tries to keep things on an even keel, but there will inevitably be people who try and avoid their obligations and contractual agreements. To sidestep any unnecessary nastiness, it’s usually better to consult with a lawyer if you’ve tried everything in your power to resolve the conflict amicably. As an attorney and counselor at law, we can help you with either side of the coin. Here’s what we can do for you.

If you’re a tenant:

  • Discrimination – If you’ve suffered any abuse or illegal actions due to some form of discrimination, we will be able to assist in proving this.
  • Eviction–If your landlord is unfairly evicting you, without proper notice or without following the proper procedures, we can help you address this.
  • Won’t Meet Contractual Obligations–Sometimes, landlords won’t do the necessary repairs or maintain the property as agreed. If you think your landlord is violating any of his or her contractual responsibilities, you can take action.

If you’re a landlord:

  • Getting Sued – If your tenant is accusing you of illegal discrimination, initiates an investigation against you, or sues you for injury, your best course of action is getting a lawyer who can make sure you aren’t unfairly fined or legally punished.
  • Eviction – If your tenant refuses to vacate your property even after you have followed the proper procedures, we can make sure you follow every regulation to take the proper steps for a successful eviction.
  • Audits – The IRS or state tax agency can decide to audit your returns at any time, and if there’s a significant amount of money involved, it’s always safest to hire an attorney who can make sure that all the proper steps are followed correctly.

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